Greeting word

Welcome to the participants of the Beacon Conference

It will be a pleasure to meet you at the first ISWA Beacon Conference in Germany! Beacon Conferences are designed to enlighten small, but important fields within waste management. Collection and recycling of used electric and electronic equipment are indeed important issues all over the world from several reasons: We have to recover scarce metals used in electronic devices. And we have to combat unsafe recycling techniques which endanger man and environment.

This Beacon Conference is organised by the German national ISWA member, VKU Förderverein on behalf of the VKU. We really appreciate this first Beacon Conference at Düsseldorf also as a signal of more scientific exchange between VKU and other ISWA members especially in Europe. To facilitate the active participation of many German practisioners we will offer simultaneous translation English to German.

Welcome again at Düsseldorf!

David Newman Patrick Hasenkamp Klaus Evertz
David Robert Newman
ISWA President
Patrick Hasenkamp
VKU Vice President
Klaus Evertz
Chairman of VKU-Förderverein